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Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)

Multidisciplinary Team – MDT at Ryde House Group

At the Ryde House Group, our Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) is composed of dedicated health and social care professionals who bring their unique expertise together to deliver exceptional care and support for individuals facing complex challenges. Our comprehensive approach is designed to address the diverse needs of each person in our care, providing tailored solutions for optimal outcomes.

Our MDT offers numerous advantages, such as improved health and lifestyle results for those under our care. By combining the knowledge and experience of specialists from various fields, we are able to create and implement the most effective strategies to promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being. This all-encompassing approach allows individuals to experience a higher quality of life and overall enhanced well-being.

Furthermore, our MDT emphasises a coordinated approach to problem-solving. Through regular meetings and open lines of communication, our team members collaborate to discuss challenges, exchange insights, and devise innovative solutions that cater to the intricate needs of those we serve. This spirit of cooperation guarantees that our care is not only holistic but also adaptable to the evolving needs of each individual.


In summary, the Ryde House Group's Multidisciplinary Team is committed to providing a well-rounded approach to care and support for individuals with complex needs. By integrating the expertise of professionals across various disciplines, our MDT ensures better health and lifestyle outcomes, increased well-being, and a harmonised approach to tackling challenges in the care journey. Discover how our MDT can make a difference for you or your loved ones by contacting us today.

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Kate Golding

Kate Golding

Siobhan Aubin

Consultant Nurse

Kate is a dedicated, passionate and qualified general nurse, nurse ambassador for the Royal College of Nursing and achieved a nurse consultant role in 2015.  Her experience includes working in Accident and Emergency, with vulnerable adults in the prison system, elderly dementia residents in residential home settings, adult and child psychology (within early years settings, schools and the youth offending team) and as one of the leads for the ‘Targeted Mental Health in Schools’ project on the Island.  Kate worked as a consultant nurse for the Autism Diagnostic Research Centre and as the clinical lead for the under 25’s at the Mountbatten Hospice.


Being up to date with current legislation and the implementation of this into excellent working practices, Kate delivers training relating to infant, child, adolescent and adult mental health, nurture training around mental health and emotional wellbeing, and holds a special interest in children and adults who have experienced emotional trauma.


Siobhan Aubin

Educational Psychologist

Siobhan is a positive, innovative and passionate chartered Educational Psychologist. She has worked as an Educational Psychologist within five Local Education Authorities and latterly for the past 15 years as a Director of Bridges for Learning Educational Psychology service leading a team of Educational Psychologists and a multi-disciplinary Autism Diagnosis service. 


Areas of expertise include children with severe and complex needs, profound and multiple learning difficulties and Autism Spectrum Condition, psychological assessments of children of all ages, neuro-developmental assessments of children including Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC), Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Executive Functioning, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties and Social Emotional Mental Health assessments of children.

Meet the MD Team

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Tina Meagher

Tina Meagher

Speech and Language Therapist

Tina Meagher is a distinguished Speech and Language Therapist, bringing over two decades of dedicated experience to our multidisciplinary team at Ryde House Group. A graduate of City University with a BSc (Hons) in Clinical Communication Studies, Tina has honed her expertise working with both adults and children, addressing a variety of communication needs.


In her remarkable career, Tina has not only provided therapy but also spearheaded a team of speech and language therapists and occupational therapists at a nationally acclaimed school for young people with Speech, Language, and Communication Needs (SLCN). She specializes in assisting young people with Developmental Language Disorders (DLD) and Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC), areas where her impact has been particularly significant.


Tina's commitment to advancing her field is evident through her involvement in research. Her work focusing on interview skills has gained recognition, culminating in a publication in the International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders. Her passion for education extends to her role as an ELKLAN accredited tutor, where she excels in creating tailored training programs catering to diverse needs.


At Ryde House Group, Tina is enthusiastic about applying her problem-solving skills to overcome language and communication challenges. She is dedicated to empowering young people and adults, aiding them in finding their voice and shaping their future. Her expertise is a valuable asset to our team, aligning seamlessly with our mission of providing inclusive, empowering, and respectful care.

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Sylvie Finlay

MDT Co-ordinator

Sylvie is the lead coordinator for the Ryde House Group MDT. Sylvie has been both a leader and coordinator for 20 years plus in a range of roles. Sylvie ensures that all communication is streamlined and that actions developing from the MDT’s and any reviews, are assigned, tracked and completed. Sylvie is responsible for monitoring PSR tracking and ensuring that progress is recorded and communicated to all relevant persons.


Sylvie is also part of the research team within the MDT, and will source specialist training for core team development, specialist services that can add value and strength to new forming diagnosis’ and ongoing critical needs. Sylvie ensures that individuals can access the MDT with ease and that individuals, their families, and professionals, are involved in all parts of the MDT decision framework. 

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Tina Meagher

Keith Johnson

Counsellor / Trainer

Individuals who request or are triaged to our counselling team, will receive a blend of both formal and accredited counselling strategies in a confidential manner, with a heavy focus on communication and practical skill development so that people can be engaged with a practical tool kit of identified strategies that they can then begin to put in to practice, regroup and reflect, and then continue this loop of development with the safety net of psychological support.  


Keith and the training team create bespoke training, debrief, and group sessions with a focus on supporting and empowering teams to work in a healthy risk taking manner and feel confident in their abilities to make professional decisions that always focus on case empowerment. Working through risk with teams is crucial to remove barriers associated with fear and decision paralysis. 


Michelle Young

Holistic Therapies

Michelle has been a holistic therapist for over twenty years. Her key focuses include: Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Indian head massage and Swedish body massage. Michelle has successfully supported individuals to achieve alternative relaxation, energy balance, and increased trust in tactile interactions and relationships with third parties. Michelle has also worked in the Health and social care sector for 15 years and is able to put her experience in to practice alongside her therapies. 

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Tina Meagher

Laura Dunger

Occupational Therapist - with sensory integration 

At the Ryde House Group, we are proud to introduce Laura Dunger, an esteemed Occupational Therapist who brings over 10 years of experience in aiding children and young adults with developmental difficulties. Laura specialises in Sensory Integration and Sensory Attachment Intervention, with a particular focus on conditions such as Autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, and cerebral palsy. This includes Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS), forensic Learning Disability services, and paediatrics. Laura specialises in using occupation focused practice to support health and wellbeing for children and young people.


Laura's journey in occupational therapy is backed by comprehensive training and education. Laura has completed a range of different professional development opportunities including:

-        Msc in Advanced Occupational Therapy (University of Salford, 2021),

-        Sleep Training (Southampton Children's Hospital, 2020),

-        Chair for Royal College of Occupational Therapy (RCOT) Specialist Section Clinical Forum for CAMHS,

-        Occupational Therapy Representative for PANS / PANDAS Working Group (PPWG),

-        Ayres Sensory Integration Practitioner (Awaiting submission to Collaborative for Leadership in Ayres Sensory Integration [CLASI], 2022),

-        Sensory Attachment Intervention, 2022,

-        Just Right Programme for Adolescents and Adults, 2022,

-        Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS), 2013,

-        Intreoception Curriculum, 2022,

-        Special Yoga Foundation Course for Autism and ADHD, 2023,


Central to Laura’s approach is her belief in the power of fun, security, and success as key elements in people’s learning processes. She emphasises the importance of cultivating strong, therapeutic relationships with her clients and their families, which she views as the cornerstone for developing vital daily living and learning skills.


Dedicated to lifelong learning and collaboration, Laura continuously seeks to enhance her skills and knowledge. She actively engages in working alongside other professionals, ensuring that children and their families receive the most comprehensive and expert advice available. Her innovative therapeutic methods are a testament to her commitment to providing not just intervention, but expert, personalised guidance for each individual.


Laura’s contributions to Ryde House Group are invaluable. Her specialised skills, combined with her dedication to empowering individuals in a caring, respectful, and inclusive environment, resonate deeply with our core values at Ryde House Group, making her an integral part of our team.


Kate Hilton


Kate Hilton is an accomplished Dietician, specialising in a range of areas including weight management, diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure reduction, and gastrointestinal conditions like IBS and diverticular disease. Her expertise is not only in nutritional management but also in adapting dietary plans for complex health issues, a skill honed through her experience at a neurological rehabilitation centre. Here, she developed tailored nutrition strategies for individuals with Learning Disabilities and Acquired Brain Injuries.


At the Ryde House Group, Kate's role as a Specialist Diabetes Dietitian within the NHS complements her extensive skill set. She focuses on holistic dietary management, taking into account the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of nutrition and health. Her approach is empathetic and patient-centred, ensuring that each individual's unique needs and preferences are addressed.


Kate’s dedication to her field is evident in her commitment to continuous learning and application of the latest research in dietetics. Collaborating closely with other healthcare professionals, she contributes significantly to the multidisciplinary team (MDT) at Ryde House Group, enhancing the overall quality of care provided to clients. Her expertise and compassionate approach make her an invaluable member of the Ryde House Group's healthcare team.


Lindsey Wood

Clinical Psychologist

Lindsey Wood is a distinguished member of the Ryde House Group’s multidisciplinary team, bringing over 15 years of clinical psychology experience to our organization. Registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC), her professional journey spans across various sectors including the NHS, charitable organizations, and the private sector.


Expertise and Approach: Lindsey's approach to psychological care is integrative, combining cognitive-behavioral therapy, narrative techniques, systemic approaches, and attachment theory. This diverse methodology enables her to effectively address a wide range of challenges faced by clients of all ages, with a particular focus on anxiety and depression.


Specialization in Trauma and Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Lindsey has extensive training in treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), including techniques such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). Her proficiency in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) further enhances her ability to foster secure and therapeutic relationships.


In the realm of neurodevelopmental assessments, Lindsey specializes in diagnosing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in both children and adults. Her skills in using assessment tools like the ADOS are integral to our team’s ability to provide comprehensive and accurate evaluations.


Areas of Focus:

  • Neurodevelopmental assessments for ADHD and ASD

  • Psychological support for trauma and loss

  • Addressing challenges related to chronic physical health issues

  • Focused care for children in foster or adoptive situations and their networks

Lindsey’s extensive experience and individualized approach to psychological care are invaluable to our team. Her commitment to providing thoughtful and effective psychological services resonates with the mission of Ryde House Group to offer dynamic and inclusive care, empowering each client to navigate their unique paths in an ever-evolving world.

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