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About us


The Ryde House Group is one of the leading providers of services to people with learning disabilities, through its group of homes on the Isle of Wight. The Ryde House Group is a family run business established since 1986.

The Ryde House Group develops and delivers innovative service solutions to meet local needs by maintaining and investing in a team of well trained and skilled personnel.

Our team bring experience and expertise to enable them to deliver quality services for people with complex needs who require person centred support to achieve their dreams and aspirations.


Each of our homes have their own unique culture which is defined by those people who live there. The homes are designed to comfort and stimulate the individuals and provide a long term high quality of life.


Our aim is to provide individualised care, recognising everyone as the individual that they are. We believe that every person, no matter what disability they may have is able to develop.

We are passionate in supporting individuals to achieve in life, whether this be through getting meaningful employment, improving life skills or developing their methods of communication.


Our service users are fully involved within the community, accessing services such as the cinema, leisure centre facilities, local gigs and concerts, and the opportunity to have holidays away.

We are dedicated to achieving a positive, pro-active, calm and caring environment where individuals feel empowered to live life happily and achieve their own personal goals.

The history of Ryde House Group by the Clewley family

Contributed and written by Miranda, John and Adam Clewley

As the name of our company suggests, Ryde House Group began simply with only Ryde House, together with Ryde Cottage. Back then in 1986 we were able to provide residential care to only 29 people, plus some cows and chickens that came with the property.


As time passed we were gradually able to increase the number of people we could support. First came the development of day services, which has gone on to become Willow Village. Then in the 90's, we added Clifton Cottage and Woodville. The year 2000 then saw the addition of Newton Lodge.


Our biggest project to date has been the construction of Players Copse, consisting of Beech House, Silver Birch, Maple Tree and Sycamore House. These 4 purpose built care homes represent our desire to provide more of the services that the Isle of Wight needs, and were a major investment for the organisation. 


Since then we have continued to expand by offering additional types of care and support. By creating Outreach Services, it means that people can now receive our support both in the community and in their own homes. 


On the 1st August 2016 we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the business, and our grateful thanks go out to everyone who has helped us achieve this milestone. Over those 30 years we have always strived to provide the best service possible, raise care standards and achieve great outcomes for the people we support. We couldn't do it without you and believe in the quality of the service that we all work hard to provide. The business is now better prepared than ever before to overcome the challenges that providing care services present and we look forward to a future where even more people can benefit from the support of Ryde House Group.

Gender Pay Gap Report


From 2017, Gender Pay Gap Legislation requires any organisation that has 250 or more employees to publish a report showing how large the pay gap is between male and female employees. The pay gap is the difference between the average (mean or median) earnings of men and women, expressed as the percentage of women’s earnings compared to men’s earnings.


The report must be published by 4th of April each year for the private sector, the information must be displayed on the employers’ own website and a designated Government website.

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