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Guidance for Completing Your Application Form

We are thrilled that you have decided to chose Ryde House Group and this guide is designed to ensure that your recruitment experience is as efficient as possible. 

If you would like a copy of the job description for the role that you wish to apply for then please contact the HR department. 

Please do not send a CV (curriculum vitae) as an alternative to completing any part of the online application form as although this may be easier, it will not contain all of the information that we require or allow us to treat all applicants equally and consistently. Our application form is a vital element of our recruitment process and will be used as the basis for shortlisting applicants for interview. It is therefore that you provide accurate and clear information.

Contact Information

Please complete this section fully. We prefer to use email contact during the recruitment process so please ensure that you include an email address that is correct and regularly monitored.


It is only necessary to provide a copy of your CV if you are applying for an administrative or management role. In all other cases you can decide whether or not to include it.  If you do upload your CV then please do not leave sections of the application form blank or write 'please refer to CV'. 

Current or most recent employer

Please complete this section fully. The name of the employer should be the company or organisation name and not the name of your line manager. 

Previous employment

We are required, by law, to obtain a full and complete work history for all applicants. This will cover the whole period between leaving full time education and the present day. 

You can add up to 4 employers individually but please include any others in the additional employment box.

Gaps in employment

We are required, by law, to obtain a written account of any gaps in employment. If you have any gaps, no matter how small, then please provide details in this section.


Providing us with a clear and concise employment history along with the explanation of any gaps will allow us to process your application faster. At peak times, where many applications are being received, we may disregard applications where this section is not completed fully.


We will seek to obtain a minimum of 2 references as part of our recruitment process. One reference MUST be from your current or most recent employer (or educational institution if no employment history).

We cannot accept references from family members or current employees

We seek references via email, so please ensure that you provide this information.

Please seek consent from your referees wherever possible before putting them on the form, it is awkward for everyone involved when an individual is unable or unwilling to provide a reference. 

If you have any reason to suspect that a referee will be unwilling to provide a reference (in the case of a previous employer for example) please contact the HR team to provide more information.

We reserve the right to obtain a reference from any previous employer if we consider it necessary to do so.

Permission to work in the UK

We check that every successful applicant has the right to work in the UK. This will be carried out by checking the applicants documents. If you have any restrictions on your UK residence (such as a time limited residence permit) then please provide this information. 

Rehabilitation of offenders

We will apply for a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check for all applicants at either a standard or enhanced level. Please provide details of any convictions, cautions or warnings within your application form. A failure to make a disclosure may affect the progression of your application at a later stage. 

Equality and Diversity Monitoring 

On completion of our application form you will be directed to a separate equal ops monitoring form. This does not form part of the selection process but is used for monitoring our recruitment and selection procedures. Monitoring allows us to identify trends and issues to ensure we continue to operate fairly and effectively

What happens to the information I provide?

All information will be treated with confidence and shared in accordance with our recruitment procedures.

Application information will be shared with those involved in the selection process. 

Equality monitoring information will be retained separately and has no affect on your application. Data is collected for use within statistical reports. These comprise anonymised figures by which we monitor our recruitment processes. Staff involved in shortlisting applicants are not permitted to see this data. 

Our Recruitment Process

Recruitment has the following stages:

  1. Application

  2. Interview

  3. Conditional offer

  4. References

  5. DBS application

  6. Formal offer

Appointments will be confirmed following completion of all 4 stages of the recruitment process. We reserve the right to withdraw a conditional offer  at any time and where any aspect of the recruitment process cannot be completed. 

Our HR team prefers to communicate via email - please monitor your email account to ensure that you don't miss any important information.

References - at least 2 satisfactory references must be obtained

DBS - Application to the DBS can only be made following approval of all references and on presentation of relevant ID documents to the HR department.


You will be advised in writing (email) of your requirement to attend a DBS application appointment. This email will also contain a list of documents that can be used as proof of your ID. Please read the list carefully and ensure that you bring the correct documents with you to the appointment. Failure to do so will result in you being turned away and asked to reschedule. 

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